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Mostarda di Voghera is a very ancient recipe: candied fruit, with addition of sugar syrup and mustard-flavoured glucose, can be served with classical boiled meat or fresh/seasoned cheese

We find references to Mostarda di Voghera in a letter written by the Duke Gian Galeazzo Visconti in 1397. Here he asked the Mayor of Voghera a case of candied fruit with mustard syryp (“mostarda de fructa cum la senavra”)

Unique for its taste and with noble origins, Mostarda di Voghera has its roots in a an ancient tradition of preservation.

The Barbieri family is the only one left having a factory in Voghera, therefore it can be considered the keeper of the ancient candying tradition.

Raw materials are processed in the 1200sm of laboratory, according to the ancient, secret family recipe.

Each product is followed step-by-step: excellence is not a random result.

Mostarda: something to discover

Cherries, pears, apricots, peaches, figs, melons, white watermelon, tangerines, lemons, oranges, cedars, chestnuts … a savoury bouquet brightened up by warm summer and autumn colours, where the spicy note sweetly melts in the background when you taste the candied fruit…. There are different versions of “mostarda” in Northern Italy. Mantua is famous for its apple mostarda (candied apple slices soaked in a mustard syrup). The area around Vicenza and Venice is famous for quince mostarda (quince jam flavoured with mustard and other spices, enriched with whole or sliced candied fruits). Trentino Alto Adige is well-known for its mustard/spice-flavoured jams…“cousins” which remind us of ancient traditions and of our long gastronomic history!

A Bit of History

The name “Mostarda” originates from the French expression “moût ardent”, “burning must”: the original recipe in fact was based on cooked grape must mixed up with mustard seeds to obtain a spicy sauce complementing perfectly roasted meat. It seems that Mostarda di Voghera was already produced in the XIV century and was renowned also in Milan, as it is stated in a letter dated 1397 in which the duke Gian Galeazzo Visconti asked the Mayor of Voghera a vat filled with mustard-flavoured candied fruit (“mostarda de fructa cum la senavra”) to be used as a side-dish.

Voghera, a town of master confectioneries

Unique for its taste and with noble origins, Mostarda di Voghera has its roots in a well known tradition of preservation, but in the mid of last century “Mostarda di Cremona” had its boost and all other small producers in the Oltrepo area were doomed to disappear.

The Barbieri family and the tradition

We are now the only ones remained to produce the Mostarda di Voghera: this is our passion and our commitment. Candying requires devotion: fruit must be selected, checked, attended along the whole production process, in line with a long-lasting craftsman tradition. We are proud when our product is appreciated also in other countries: this means that quality has no boundaries!